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Mt. Takao hiking with OUIAA

On 28th May 2022, OUIAA members gathered for hiking at JR Takaosanguchi station at 10:00, and we moved towards the hiking entrance of mount Takao. It was a hot and not too crowded Saturday. We ascended by trail №1 and descended from the Inari course back to JR Takaosanguchi station.

Alongside hiking trail №1, we stopped at historical spots listed below for your reference.

1. Mt Takao Monkey Park & Wildflower Garden/高尾山さる園・野草園

2. Mt Takao Yakuōin Jōshion/高尾山薬王院 浄心門

3. Otokozaka Men's Stairs/男坂

4. Sanmitsuno Michi/ 三密の道

5. Mt Takao Busshari Hōan-tō/高尾山佛舎利奉安搭

6. Izuna Gongen Shrine/ 髙尾山 薬王院 本社・権現堂

7. Tengusha/ 天狗社

8. Mt Takao Dai-Miharashidai/ 高尾山 大見晴台

9. Mt. Takao Cable Station

10. Mt Takao Museum

Lastly, we took a lunch break at the summit.

We enjoyed an easy hike and took the opportunity of socializing after covid restrictions in Japan had been eased. If you’re also an OU alumnus interested in joining OUIAA outdoor activities, join our Facebook group and follow our future posts on activities.

Writer: Oksana H.

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