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Towards Self-Sufficiency

The COVID-19 crisis is a reminder that the world is subject to frequent challenges, which you can notice easily in Japan, where earthquakes, typhoons, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods are common. Japan is a country with relatively a few natural resources and narrow arable land that makes it largely depend on its trade partners. In times of crisis like we have now, the economy shrinks and countries tend to shut down their borders. As a result, the supply of essential resources to Japan can be either slowed or cut completely. What makes things complicated is the geographical location of Japan as an island in the pacific ocean with no close borders with other countries, adding to the risk of its isolation. Under such circumstances, not only governments, but also citizens should play an active role and carry on responsibility to prepare for the worst case scenarios. Due to the frequent natural calamities citizens of Japan have a high sense of awareness and preparedness. However, this may not be enough for a prolonged crisis, a more sustainable approach is required to enhance self-sufficiency. Higher sustainability can be achieved by acquiring particular skills and preparing necessary tools.

The aim of the coming series of articles is to introduce a few hobbies which can bring you a step closer towards self-sufficiency.


Author: Mahdi

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