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What is OUIAA?

What is OUIAA?

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Live Globally, Support Globally

Osaka University International Alumni Association (OUIAA) founded on 25th of September 2010, as part of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Osaka University.

The primary goal of OUIAA is to build an international social network of alumni and strengthen the relationship between our university and the community.

「Live Locally, Support Globally」
This will also be a great place to be reunited, to recall our memories and to make new friends. So join us today and be part of our building process.


Name: Osaka University International Alumni Association

1. Purpose


  1. Promotion of information exchange, cultural exchange and cooperative activities among graduates

  2. Promotion of cooperation between former students/graduates and Osaka University

  3. Promotion of economic, cultural and friendly exchange activities


2. Regular Members


  1. International students who graduated or completed any of Osaka University's undergraduate/graduate schools

  2. International students who have been awarded a degree by submitting a dissertation thesis to Osaka University

  3. International students who have studied and/or researched at Osaka University for more than three months

3. Board Members


  1. One President

  2. Two  Vice Presidents

  3. Multiple Secretaries (representative of countries, regions, etc.)

  4. The board shall be organized by these members.

4. Term and Election


  • In principle, the term of office is one year. However, members can be reelected to the board.

  • Board members are decided through election among regular members.

5. General Assembly


      In principle, the general assembly takes place once a year and it shall decide the board's operational rules.

6. Amendment of Terms


        In order to revise these terms, the approval must be obtained from a majority of the regular members who participated in the general assembly.

 7. Effectiveness of Terms


        These terms are in effect as of September 25, 2010.


Revised at the 2011 General Assembly on December 17, 2011

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